Monday, February 4, 2013

Human Nature Goodies with Quick Reviews

Well isn't it exciting to receive a package, mail or something? So I ordered online instead of visiting the Cebu branch of Human <3 Nature. 

Moisturizing Day Fluid, Moisturizing Night Cream, Balancing Toner, and Natural Hair Mask

This Night Cream is really good. I love how lightweight it is and smells just right, not too overwhelming, plus its natural!

Sadly this Day Fluid I only have to use when I just stay at home. I have oily combination skin and putting this on prior to BB cream just makes my skin appear worse. I love the smell, consistency is good and its boasts with many vitamins and minerals good for the skin.

This balancing toner is just perfect for my oily skin. It refreshes the face like no other and the orange scent is just so energizing. I love it!

This is a wonderful natural treat for the hair. You can never go wrong with Aloe vera for your beloved crowning glory. The jasmine scent is so heavenly but others may find it too powerful, it can stay on the hair for hours. I had no issues about it though, my hair is smelling fragrant anyways.

Visit the Human Heart Nature website to view more interesting and natural Filipino-made products.

I'm not going to promise but I'm really looking forward to finally post other product reviews that I would like to share. It was hard keeping up last year but it's never too late to continue what I've started.

Take Care!