Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ever Bilena Advance Concealer 20 mL

Its been a while since I found and been using Ever Bilena Advance Concealer in Light Vanilla. Just thought of giving it a try even without knowing any feedback or reviews from the product.

My actual tube looks all roughed up. :) Poor thing
Convenient applicator tip gives the enough amount needed

Looks natural after blending

Packaging: Sleek, handy, hygienic tube, doesn't come with a box but no fuss. its meant to be stuffed in a make-up kit anyways :)

Scent: Slightly fragranced but eventually dissappears on application

Features:  Its a creamy liquid that blends so easily. Does not look cakey under powder. Gives a natural finish, does a good job in lightening dark undereye circles and blemishes. It looks natural on me. No breakouts and allergies.

Availability: Comes in 3 shades; light vanilla, soft beige and velvet nude. Its affordable and sold locally in almost all department stores.

Value for Money: ♥♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating:  ♥♥♥♥

I'm not much into concealers but I am loving this one and eventually ditched  the other 2 brands that I have tried. I used to be hesitant trying out with local brands after some failures, which also happens to me with imported cosmetics, But I think this Advance line is quiet the value and quality that is worth the try.

Thanks for dropping!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keep the Oat Rolling

I've tried to hitch on the "no-rice-policy" wandwagon lately. Instead of cutting rice off instantly, I got some rolled oats as substitute. Australia Harvest Rolled Oats is found in major supermarkets, the only brand I found at the moment but I think good ol Quacker may have it as well.

It's basically different from regular oatmeal, rolled oats are bigger but flat, and needs longer cooking time.

 You may want some rolled oats porridge, add water twice as much as the oats.  As for me, since its a rice substitute, I let it simmer longer to let water evaporate but it does not overcook the oats at all. You still get the right consistency and flavor.
Having rolled oats is a great way of getting carbo with that much needed fiber in the diet, plus it has protein and iron. It can go well with fruits and milk for breakfast and even any vegetable or meat dish for lunch. Its definitely a healthier alternative to those who are on a diet or to those who just want to eat healthy.

It was a great weekend!