Monday, March 19, 2012

WetNWild Beauty Benefits Beauty Brilliance Blush in Perfectly Plum

Product Info from Packaging: 

A breakthrough in Healthy Beauty with Lotus Marine Mineral for
Powerful Age Prevention
Brightens complexion
Boosts Hydration
Sheer Veil of Color
Natural Illuminationg Minerals

Pardon the appearance, I forgot to take a photo while it was still new. I have been carrying it around for sometime making it look all battered.

Benefits: Creates a healthy, radiant glow 
Color Stays true and natural looking

With flash

Without flash

The Good: It gives a natural looking glow, great blush for pale/fair skin and can also be used as highlighter, beautiful light pinkish plum color

The Not-So-Good: Doesn't last too long

Overall Rating: 5/5

This is the first powder blush that I've been really hooked into. Definitely great for daily wear and I love it's very light pinkish plum color.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm in Peach Blossom

Bare Lips

With the Lip Balm

The Good: SPF 16, good moisturize retention, nice peach natural-looking shade, no allergies

The Not-So-Good: Needs to exfoliate the lips often, must be some residue from the balm     

Overall Rating: 4/5


This is my first Maybelline balm, and it comes in opaque white but gives a subtle shiny color upon application. I adore the shade on the lips, its very natural looking. I think its a really nice peach shade for a lip balm. I got this from Watson's at Php 79.00. Its good but I have my eyes on trying another lipbalm from Maybelline. I'm just happy I'm not allergic to it.

Getting ready for another crazy week to come!

For the love of Chartreuse

Since I can remember, I would always refer to green as my top favorite color. Not only do I find it pleasing to my eyes, but there is something personal about it to me.  It reminds me of my childhood, I was drawn to choosing green headbands, bags, and other accessories rather than any other color. Even now, though not all the time and not in all things, green has remained on that top spot.

Inspired by this, I decided to give a new name and look to this blog. But my type of green is not just any green, and I'm glad that sometime ago I found that perfect name and hue that has been cheering me up all these years. Yes, its chartreuse,  the web color that also comes with variations such as green-yellow, yellow-green, apple green, yellow chartreuse and a few more. 

So here I gathered, my favorite chartreuse products, green apples, lovely little green mums and outfit to come up with the new look. Photos of me are courtesy of Emely and her Canon 600D, while the rest is from my Olly. 



ps: I don't know what's wrong with some photos that I post that go grainy even if they are of big size. Still trying to figure this out. Or if you do have tips on how to improve this, please do let me know. Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Treats

It never fails that I always look forward to weekends, well who doesn't? Fortunately sometime ago it was a yummy weekend spree courtesy of some friends and I just want to share these few snapshot souvenirs.

S&R's seafood pizza slice

Another S&R's pizza slice which I sadly forgot the name

S&R's Bavarian filled Chorros

Peanut cookies made in Poland c/o S&R

I couldn't believe how true to its packaging these delicious cookies are

Crunchy, a little chewy and every bit tasty coz I had them all to myself in a span of 60 mins

Sweet inside and out Belgian chocolates, I just picked 2 though, they're not all mine. :)

Aside from these, I also had the chance to enjoy Sinagang Bangus, Okonomiyaki, and Thai Curry.

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

M&Co Cosmetics

It's been awhile since I heard that M&Co (Milk and Co.), a direct selling company of  accessories, apparel, shoes and bags, is also selling makeup products. I then had a chance to take a look at these three products at work. A foundation, eyeshadow quad and blush.

This eye shadow quad in Broze Ambition is all about glitter and shimmer. The colors are neutral and really good. It was hard to handle at first, I hated the fall outs but wet the brush with water and it can make a difference.

This 2-way cake foundation is not my color but look at the packaging, looks fancy and of good quality.

This blush is amazing I should say. It gives a nice glow with enough color payoff on the cheeks. The brush is soft and definitely does the job. It looks good with various skin tones as well.

We are absolutely looking forward to try out more of M & Co's cosmetic collection. Too bad we don't know any dealer yet. I have looked up on the web and found some catalogs, the prices are really affordable so this is definitely a must try.