Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food Escapade: On a Rainy Night at Max's and Gelatissimo

 Dinner at Max's Terraces Ayala
 I couldn't figure when was this menu dated, but one whole order of Fried Chicken for Php5.00?! 
Those were the days...

 simple chicken meals

 This is what we were really eyeing at right besides Max's

 delightful choices...

 so many varieties, so hard to choose!

It was cold and raining but a cup of ice cream wouldn't hurt the aching nerves brought about by the crazy week that passed. Just not too much so as not to trigger another tonsil infection. Finally settled with green apple and rum&raisin...

Thank God, It was another good Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swatch: ELF Plumping Lip Glaze in Champagne

From website: Forget costly Collagen injections, or those painfully stinging glosses, stimulate your senses to a refreshed full perfect pout with e.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze! e.l.f. proudly presents a revolutionary lip plumper, infusing natural ingredients that awaken your senses for fresh, volume enhanced, and moisturized lips. This dual sided Plumping Lip Glaze has a tinted color for a subtle plump or a clear gloss that power plumps your lips, use together and instantly feel the lip enlarging effects! 

Paraffinum Liquidum, Polybutene, Silica, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium Dioxide Yellow No. 10, Aluminum Lake (CI 47005), Yellow No.5, Aluminum Lake (CI 19140 ), Orange No.5 (CI 45370), Red No.27 Aluminum Lake(CI 45410:2), Iron Oxide(CI 77499).

 Bare Lips
 With the Clear glaze
With the clear glaze and tinted glaze

Isn't it a little obvious that I am loving this product? The name is almost unreadable already. It is great for everyday wear. Something moisturizing, the color pay-off is just next to natural with a little sheen. I do understand it is just a glaze, not even a gloss nor a lipcolor so I like it the way it is.  As for the plumping effect? Not sure about that, though the clear glaze gives a bit of cooling sensation to the lips, which is tolerable compared to a lip plumping gloss I tried before from Maybelline, which stings! Inexpensive at Php 129 ($3), Elf lip products haven't failed me yet. I have liked and used up every single gloss I got from them...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Skinfood Black Sugar and Rice Mask Sample Trial

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

"Black sugar mask with rich minerals and vitamin to provide luster and smoothness 
to the skin. After cleansing, gently massage over wet face avoiding eye area, then rinse off."

Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

"Mask with nutritious rice extract for soft skin texture.
After cleansing, gently massage over dry face avoiding eye area then rinse off."

So I got these sample sizes from a Cebu-based Ebay seller, for only Php 15 per sachet. I'm not sure of the amount of the content but one pack can last for 5 days if used daily. I was surprised to see it has real sugar and rice granules when they are named as masks. I dont know but for me these are scrubs. Both smell good but I like the Black sugar's lemony with a hint of ginger scent better, which I find invigorating.  Sugar is a good exfoliant but the sugar crystals they used are a bit rough for me so it should be massaged with a very light hand. The Rice Mask has gentle rice granules just perfect for a facial scrub and it leaves the skin soft after rinsing. So far I haven't noticed any allergic reactions or breakouts, though I don't use them everyday. 2-3 times a week perhaps. The products are really worth the try and I like them. But just being me, I like trying out other things so I may not repurchase. I still even have a St. Ive's and Garnier scrub waiting to be noticed again. :) 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Finally got this baby after quite some time. Etude House SM Cebu is always out of stock, lucky enough there's one last piece left when I stopped by.

So I am still quiet a newbie when it comes to make-up. One thing too, if its not that necessary I usually let the temptation of wanting to buy a product die down. Unless it won't make me sleep for a few days. (haha!) So I have only started learning more about make-up about almost 2 years ago. My nature of work doesn't require me to but it feels good to know about this things and being able to get it done the right way. And when I was in high school,  I can remember dolling up with my mom's make-up before I take bath during weekends, especially when she's not around.

So back to the Proof 10 Eye Primer. It is a light beige cream that goes with a sponge tip applicator. Just a little swipe on the lids and a finger can do the rest of the spreading. It has a very light smell, not a pleasant scent but it can actually go unnoticed. I even thought its unscented until I checked.  I finally got the before and after photos ready, yay to my new camera and here they go...

1:00 pm; newly applied eye shadow primed with Etude House Proof 10

9:00 pm ; after 8 hours of application

I swear on how awfully oily my eyelids can get. Usually after two hours without primer, my eye shadows are almost wiped out, looking all greasy and messed up. Thanks also to my beautiful hooded eyelids. But with Proof 10 Eye Primer, the eye shadows can stay on the whole day. Though it looked a little creased and oily in the photo, its just nothing like that without the primer. I have heard of the UDPP but it's way too expensive. At Etude House, it is only Php 298 ($7). This is the first Eye Primer I've tried and I am just too happy how good it works for me. It really saved me from the frustration on how to let my eye shadows stay longer.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Organiga Story Revitalizing Hand Cream

So I fancy most things in green and there's this rack at Watson's with not just all green packaging and in green apple but also on  Buy 1 Take 1. What better way to grab that opportunity when I was running out of my favorite Bath and Body lotion.  I got myself the Revitalizing Hand Cream, but the Organiga Story rack also has body butters, body wash, and Eye cream too I think. It comes with an attractive apple green packaging, and luscious enough as it claims to be made with certified organic green apple from France. It also enriched with Natural Rice Bran Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil and Organic Green Apple which has antioxidant properties.


I tried to look for other green apple scents but there's only one to always go back to and it's from Bench, and its not even a lotion, so I'm glad to add this to my favorites!  It's light, non-greasy and gives that instant moisture lift to my dry hands. It gives that smooth feel, just right for a quick hand massage too. I have one at home and the other one in the office. It is just a perfect way of treating my hands after a hard days work.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plant A Seedling Today

It's good to be back! I know I was missing for nine months and a lot of things have happened but did not really had much reason to update the site. It was only recently that I noticed the number of page views and it motivated me a bit to come back. Thanks to all the visitors who found their way into my blog.

So what can I do? I'll probably just toss around any random topic, for sure it will not be in order and will depend on the availability of the photos. Well, I am not sure if I have a green thumb but joining a tree-planting activity doesn't require to have one.

Location: Ga-as Balamban, Cebu  11 '10

It was steep and slippery, but it was such a great experience, my first tree-planting activity actually. After having survived and met the goal in that challenging location was definitely fulfilling. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery at the same time . A lot of companies have come up of activities like this. Have you been to one? How was the experience?