Saturday, May 14, 2016

fotoBlog+Travels: Snoopy's World HK and more

A long overdue collection of photos from last years Hong Kong Visit. It's always about work but thankfully this time, we were able to squeeze in some side trip to the accessible touristy places. Too bad I didn't have my camera when we went to the Hello Kitty Restaurant. Here are some of what to see at Snoopy's World or Snoopyland, a small theme park for the Peanuts lovers. It is located at New Town Plaza Mall in Sha Tin Area.  

 Spot the odd one out. ;)

 And walked around the avenue of the stars area, my first time to roam around the place after 2 visits in HK.

  Nice idea.

 Loved seeing the HK buses again. 

 And a little food trip at The Spaghetti House in Wan Chai.



Saturday, April 30, 2016

fotoBlog+Travels: Unexpected California Blues

The memories to remember me by.

Knott's Berry Farm Hotel blooms. So vibrant.

Anaheim Convention Center

Palm trees everywhere I look. And I love it.

California = Palm trees

More palm trees

Street side blooms. Had to stop and appreciate.

Enjoying the cold weather while complaining. Ha!

Sun is about to set

Of all the famous names, Mickey Mouse. We didn't have much time to find a more interesting
personality so that's what happened.

                                              I was happy enough to be outside. Yes because it's already closed. :)

 So dreamy just by looking at it. Our hosts drove 6 hours for a sidetrip to San Francisco.
Couldn't thank them enough for bringing us there.

The famous backdrop I never thought I'll see in person.

Tried grilled cheese sandwich and clam chowder 

Overlooking San Francisco

I've only seen it in the movies. Never in my dreams have I thought I'll get to experience riding the tram.

On top of the crookedest street, Lombard

A less famous bridge in San Francisco

At the market

Lost our way but found this Japanese garden instead.

Cherry blossoms up close

I was in awe when I saw this. A familiar place from the movie I've watched a dozen of times,
"Heart and Souls" with Robert Downey Jr. ; The Conservatory of Flowers.

But to those who are more familiar with "Jadine", this is the place to be.

 The Palace of Fine Arts

The San Francisco City Hall 

Saints Peter and Paul Church

Rodeo Drive


Gotta try some American food. Not so into it.

Saw Hollywood Avenue during the day. It was chaotic and hot.

Don't you just feel that there are things that you know are great but you just think that it is not for you? This is one of those times. From the start I had that weird feeling it is bound to be an awfully great experience. And I expressed that with great sarcasm. After the wonderful time, I'd still rather not took that opportunity, I just tried to take the positive outcome from it. I was thankful because not everybody got that offer and chance. It was something that I should definitely enjoy, a little bit I did amidst the stress and worries.

Before I knew it, 12 days are over and finally heading home dreaded with the 14 hours flight. 
Grateful for the opportunity and feeling blessed for an overall safe trip.
( March 6 -18, 2016)