Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tony Moly Mini Lip Tint in Cherry Pink

This is just going to be a quick take on my experience with the Tony Moly lip tint. Bought this off Ebay for Php50 and this is the sampler size of about 7g. Thought it would be good to try it out since its just small.  The tint is almost watery and I just find it too drying on my lips, thus I have to skip the application for this post.  On the other hand, applying lip balm first doesn't give the expected color pay-off and doesn't last long. It might just be me but overall I was disappointed.  Not fond of cheek tints either so haven't applied the product as such. So I think tints of this kind is just not for me.

Another long weekend ahead! (Cebu) Lovely day everyone!



  1. oooh! i love this tint! :D i just got this.. but not online :( was going to review it but can't this week, :P i'm doing no makeup week :D

  2. really nice never see something like this before:)La Folie 

  3. @Geli, good to know it works for you!

  4. Hi Shara, thanks for dropping by. Is your blog available? I can't seem to find it...