Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dark and Heavenly

Chocolates are one of my guilty pleasures. I grew up too prone of tonsillitis, so I'm always warned of the possible outcome whenever I eat them. Came the sort of independent years, I just eat whatever I want, given its in moderation and right way so I still give in to my chocolate cravings. But I may have outgrown my sweet tooth because I no longer crave for the milk chocolate types. For a few years now, I just heart the dark chocolate varieties.

The cocoa content of dark, semisweet, bittersweet or black chocolates may vary from brand to brand but it basically has zero or less milk than milk chocolates. Though a true dark chocolate contains at least or more than 65% cacao. I've tried one long time ago, I can't remember the brand but still familiar with the packaging, just couldn't find it recently. So here are my latest grabs of locally available dark chocolates, Meiji. Toblerone, Goya and Dove. 

I am just delighted to share that many brands have finally come up with dark chocolate varieties. There's the Snickers and Kitkat bars as well, which are sadly out of stock during my supermarket visit. 

I could not decide on a single favorite but my top picks are the Almond Goya, Meiji Black Choc and Snickers Dark Choc.

I love this black choco! The right bittersweet taste and very satisfying...

I only eat Toblerone if its this dark choco! The others are just too sweet...

Since there are not a lot of these babies available locally, I'm not too keen with the cocoa content. As long as its labeled dark, I'm good. It's somehow good to know that the higher the pure cocoa content, the better benefits we get from it. Dark chocolates have shown to lower bad cholesterol, lower bad pressure, contains serotonin and stimulates endorphin which are responsible for enhancing happy moods. But it should be remembered not all chocolate brands carries the same nutritional value. Nonetheless it's definitely worth indulging..

Good luck for another weekday ahead!



  1. I never get tired of reading about chocolate and if it weren't Sunday, so that all shops are closed, I'd run and buy that Toblerone thingie. I love Toblerone <3 Nice post :)

  2. Hi Sana! Aww, too bad not one shop is open. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. i love dark choco! esp. DOVE :D hahaha

    i'm close to being hyperglycemic and my mom told me i should switch to dove darks or something. :P but still, limits limits >_<

  4. Mmmm! Makes me want something sugary!