Monday, September 12, 2011

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

 Cute packaging design

Comes with a tiny applicator brush 

I was blessed with naturally thin and very sparse eyebrows. Never learned to do anything with them until I started working and basically use any eyebrow pencil my mom would suggest. I haven't really found that one good eyebrow pencil after many tries. Well, I've heard of eyebrow powders and kits but thought to myself those are just for the professionals. Until I was at Watsons one time, just looking around and the IN2IT SA just talked me into trying out their Eyebrow Colour. I was actually eyeing on the Skinfood and Nichido Brow kits but its good to talk to someone who's nice and friendly enough to tell you more about the product, so I gave it a go. 

 The IN2IT SA taught me to swipe the brush from the lightest color to the darkest color in a slant direction. In this way the brush picks up all three shades of the brow powder, then apply to redefine the eyebrows.

First three swatches from the top: The individual colors of the brow colour, from lightest to darkest
Bottom swatch: Brush swiped on all three shades

 Bare Eyebrows

Pardon my application, I still need more practice. Just wanted to show how the powder goes on the actual eyebrows

Conclusion: I love it! It took me a few days to get used to the brow powder to replace my usual eyebrow pencil routine, but I can really say that its definitely worth it. Eyebrow powder gives a more subtle look than most pencils. It gives me more control during application. The brush applicator is handy but I found a different  a slanted eyeliner brush with a spoolie (Marionnaud) at the end which works perfect for the eyebrows as well.   I have combination oily skin and with this, my eyebrows can last all day. I also like to use the darkest shade as an eyeliner which works pretty well. I bought this at Watsons for Php 299.00 ($6.8), and I think this is the only shade available, I might try to check. I'm not sure how long will this last me but for sure, I will repurchase.

So I thought brow powder application is hard, but with this I'm going to surely try other brands especially that it is one product that I will always use everyday.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. that looks quite natural actually! awesome on you :D

    i use marionnaud slanted with spoolie! :D awesome stuff as well!

  2. Haven't heard the brand, but it look nice on you

  3. I am using their eyebrow kit too o modified my brows, i add a little water though, for its to last longer. BTW just followed your blog. Hope you follow mine too.