Friday, January 27, 2012

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Lip Liner in Eastend Snob

From the web: Rimmel Exxagerate is a soft-textured, automatic lip liner that delivers rich color and precise definition

bare lips
with Rimmel Eastened Snob all over lips

The Good: Beautiful nude pink color, glides smoothly on lips, automatic liner - no need of sharpening, good staying power

The Not-So-Good:  A bit drying on the lips

I'm really loving the color of this lip liner, its unbelievable how easily it can be applied not just to define but to color the lips all over. I have been looking for the perfect nude color and I think  I can consider this as one of them. The drying effect can be addressed well by applying gloss or balm which what I usually do,  and even without lipstick your already good to go! Highstreetlady Shop at Facebook was selling this for only Php100.

Enjoy your weekend ahead Lovelies!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Bits of the Sinulog That Was

Every third Sunday of January, the whole Cebu, local and foreign tourists flock on the streets of Cebu City to witness the Grand Parade of the Sinulog Festival, in honor of the feast of Child Jesus, Sr. Santo Nino. I was not supposed to be in the streets this year but eventually I just did. And boy was I thankful to be there because of the biggest surprise of my life. Before I share about that, here are some of the scenes I got to witness along the way 

To my biggest surprise? Guji Lorenzana! The company that I work for have a float and he was also there with us! I had no idea. He is a local singer, radio DJ and actor who I adore since the time I saw him on television years ago as Kaye Abad's partner. I know not too many people recognize him which is a good thing. He is just as charming and down to earth as I thought he is. I'm never the type who's fond of asking photo ops from celebrities, this was absolutely the first and definitely for keeps!

I still can't stop smiling looking at the photos with him.  :)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream #2 Sample Size

The Good:  Lightweight, blends with skin easily, doesn't look washed out, no breakouts

The Not-So-Good: Light coverage, no oil control

Rating: 3/5

The sample size was about 2 grams I think and it can last for 3 days.  I got 2 packs so my feedback was fairly based on just a weeks use.  I like how it blends well with my skintone, and it gives a dewy finish. I was supposed to buy the full size bottle but I saw that there is a new All Day Strong line, which has better reviews. It would be great to find something with real oil control effect though. I'll just have to keep hunting and trying for that.

By the way I got this from Gail of Cutie Beauty at some months ago and only got to post the review now. She's based in Cebu and I love buying original and affordable Korean products from her.  Do check out her Facebook  Cutie Beauty Shoppe

Until next time,


Friday, January 13, 2012

Ecotools 6-pc Eye Brush Set

This is the Ecotools Bamboo 6 piece eye brush set. I got it from Ebay Philippines for Php540. 

Info at the back of the packaging:
-Handles made from bamboo, a high sustainable plant
-100%% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles
-Recycled aluminum ferrules.
-Natural cotton and hemp travel case.
-Reusable storage pouch

 It claims to be made of soft, cruelty-free bristles, natural and recycled materials in a convenient travel case.

The handy dandy case also comes with a mirror

The large eye brush to apply and blend shadows

The angled crease brush to softly apply color to crease for definition

Petite Eye shading brush to apply deeper or accent colors for a bold look

The highlighting brush perfect for the brow bone and inner corners of the eye

The smudge brush to smudge shadow and liner along lash line for a smoky look

Each brush handle is engraved with the brand name and the corresponding brush names

I am absolutely loving this brush set. I simply like that its so convenient to have in the make-up kit for personal use. They're generally soft, but some brushes I have noticed to be just a bit scratchy. Though that might change by using a lighter hand while blending shadows. So far after almost 2 months, I've only noticed very minimal shedding. It's actually the shading brush and smudge brush that are the most useful for me, and its the crease brush that I use the least. Nonetheless, this is a really good set to play around with in applying shadows.

Have you tried this set or want to share some tips in using these? Please do let us know.

Happy weekend lovelies!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Back

Hope everyone had a great first week of the New Year. I know I have a lot of catching up to do. Who wasn't busy during December? Even if I have lots photos to share, they still need to be edited. So I will do my best on that for the next few days. Before facing this years new challenges and uncertainties, let me look back at last years few little feats. I would have loved to share this earlier on but I have always been hesitant, I don't know.

Having friends who loves posing for the camera, styling, and modelling has been a good thing for me to practice the make-up tips I learned.  I had a wonderful time doing the girls make-up for all the fun shoots that we had this year and also during our Costume Christmas party.

Who doesn't know her? lol Fashion Blogger Mildred of Dred Reveries and also the woman behind the great styling of Marlon Capuyan Photography. I owe her all my professional looking photos and their DSLR cameras.


-During last November's afternoon casual fun shoot-

Early September, it was the first fun shoot (with me) which we took seriously. Prepared for the styling, make-up and endured the scorching heat of the noon time sun. 

It was with the same girl friends and the shoot was leaning towards a vintage theme. Whatevs, we had fun anyways... :)

This was our Costume Christmas Party. I couldn't believe I helped 8 girls with their make-up in a course of 5 hours. Make that 9 including yours truly.

From December 17th to 23rd, it was a total of 4 presentations for a Christmas Cantata, with a choir of 100 singers. This was one of the 4 looks I ended up doing, though the others have been quiet similar to this. The key to the look in performing, especially singing is the red lips. Some of the schedules were really hectic, I have to go straight to the venue right after work so it has been really useful to have learned and acquired the things that I needed to do the make-up myself. 

I could not generalize how the year was for me but I have been always thankful for whatever has come my way, be it good or bad. As the new year started, I never really thought of having a resolution. One thing that I would try to always remind myself though, is to be positive in everything and to just do what has to be done.

Have a great week ahead lovelies!