Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Back

Hope everyone had a great first week of the New Year. I know I have a lot of catching up to do. Who wasn't busy during December? Even if I have lots photos to share, they still need to be edited. So I will do my best on that for the next few days. Before facing this years new challenges and uncertainties, let me look back at last years few little feats. I would have loved to share this earlier on but I have always been hesitant, I don't know.

Having friends who loves posing for the camera, styling, and modelling has been a good thing for me to practice the make-up tips I learned.  I had a wonderful time doing the girls make-up for all the fun shoots that we had this year and also during our Costume Christmas party.

Who doesn't know her? lol Fashion Blogger Mildred of Dred Reveries and also the woman behind the great styling of Marlon Capuyan Photography. I owe her all my professional looking photos and their DSLR cameras.


-During last November's afternoon casual fun shoot-

Early September, it was the first fun shoot (with me) which we took seriously. Prepared for the styling, make-up and endured the scorching heat of the noon time sun. 

It was with the same girl friends and the shoot was leaning towards a vintage theme. Whatevs, we had fun anyways... :)

This was our Costume Christmas Party. I couldn't believe I helped 8 girls with their make-up in a course of 5 hours. Make that 9 including yours truly.

From December 17th to 23rd, it was a total of 4 presentations for a Christmas Cantata, with a choir of 100 singers. This was one of the 4 looks I ended up doing, though the others have been quiet similar to this. The key to the look in performing, especially singing is the red lips. Some of the schedules were really hectic, I have to go straight to the venue right after work so it has been really useful to have learned and acquired the things that I needed to do the make-up myself. 

I could not generalize how the year was for me but I have been always thankful for whatever has come my way, be it good or bad. As the new year started, I never really thought of having a resolution. One thing that I would try to always remind myself though, is to be positive in everything and to just do what has to be done.

Have a great week ahead lovelies!


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