Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Peek at ELF Beauty Book and more!

How's everyone getting ready for the long weekend? I'm not gonna be doing much but I am just so excited with the goodies that I just got. They're not a lot but I'm still sharing them anyways.

 Just a quick post of these ELF products that I got recently. The Two-Way cake foundie in beige has been with me for a few weeks now actually and its pretty good. More feedback about this product in a separate post.

This has been my 2nd Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey. It's  a little darker than my skintone but I still love it as a contouring powder and I even use it as a blush sometimes.

My third Luscious Liquid Lisptick. Trying out different shades everytime.

And what I am most excited about is The BeautyBook Smoky Eye Edition!  Thank you so much to my dearest Emely for the sweetest  birthday gift! I actually helped her decide what to get for me. lol! 

12 beautiful eyeshadow colors, 1 eyeliner, 1 e/s applicator and it also comes with a step by step guide for that perfect dramatic look. 

I can't wait to try these out! I will surely be posting swatches, reviews and see how it'll work for me...

Have a safe weekend everyone! Enjoy!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Swatch: NYX Round Lipstick in Indian Pink

Bare Lips

With Nyx Round Lipstick in Indian Pink

The Good: I so love this pretty color, it's a nudie peachy pink shade with golden frosty shimmer.  

The Not-So-Good: It's moisturizing but my lips seem to appear dry  and peeling . It emphasizes the lip lines. Doesn't last that long.

I tend to have this issue with light colored lipsticks, they make my lips appear dry. That is somehow a major "but" for me, though application of a lipgloss can help a bit. Also, there's a little difference if its applied thinly. Still glad that I've tried this shade though. Got this from Ms Kazie of  Krozer Fashion Online  for PhP 150 ($3).

Good luck for another weekday ahead!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort

I'm lucky to be one of the few people to see Dakong Bato transform into the beautiful resort that it is now. About 4 years ago, we just called this place Mr. Wong's resthouse. We used to spend summer outing, Christmas party, and team-building activities there while the resort's development was still on the works. Even then we already loved the place.

A glimpse of the over-looking view from the restaurant in the resort

The infinity pool and cottages

A different view of the pool and the crystal clear sea water

Emely enjoying the infinity pool

Karaoke and activity area near the infinity pool

Another pool with a slide

Our delicious lunch after a tree planting activity. The banana leaves made it extra special. This was bought outside by the way.

A random tiny flower

Top view of the infinity pool

Sea water enclosure in between the two pools

Sea water enclosure showing the sea wall

Enjoying the view

So Dakong Bato in English means "big rock". The resort is built in a rocky cliff overlooking the sea. It is located in Coro, Dalaguete Cebu which is about 4 hours ride south of Cebu City.  What I like most about the place is the serenity and privacy, beautiful sunrise, and the cool clear sea water perfect for snorkeling . This may not be the place though for those who would expect of a white sand beach. I still  do enjoy the sea most here especially now with the sea water enclosure. As for the fees, it may be a little heavy for some but the place is still worth checking out. For more information about the resort visit their site, Dakong Bato .


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sizzlin' Pepper Steak and Nonki

I'm just the worst person to share food trips ever. Not only do I post so late, I don't take notes of the menu or dishes that we've tried. Oh and also the prices. If only I posted this sooner, I would have remembered. It would still be nice to share the photos anyways. They look too delicious to be put into hiding. 

So this was at Sizzlin Pepper Steak at the Terraces Ayala Center Cebu a few months back. This was from their Sizzlin Pepper Rice menu, I'm just so sure now if this one I ordered was pork or chicken. 
It was really cool to wait for your meal getting cooked right in front of you on the hot plate. 

It was sizzling hot and really good, that I can honestly remember. :D

My partner in food crime Emely, went healthier with her choice of a Tuna dish. Sorry, no idea with the menu name too. :(

It was light, creamy and yummy as well.

On a different day, we had the chance to try out Nonki Japanese Restaurant in SM City Cebu.  We just opted for their bento dishes. Our orders came with complimentary tea, appetizer and miso soup. 

I had tempura bento. This was actually too much for me, I had a hard time finishing and I just have to stop forcing myself because I was in the verge of throwing up. Well I wasn't feeling well that night. We might just go there again when I'm really starving.

Emely had this chicken something bento, nothing special with the chicken but it was good. Among all the other Japanese bentos we've tried, Nonki so far had the best value for money. It was sumptuous, affordable and offered great ambiance as well.

I still have a few food photos hanging around, I definitely would be posting them soon. And I should better be  taking notes next time.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Swatch: Nyx Round Lipstick in B52

actual color is almost the same here

Bare lips

With NYX B52 Round lipstick

The Good: Smooth application, creamy, no shimmers, color compliments well with any skin tone

The Not-So-Good: Doesn't last long, can get too soft with the Philippine weather 

This is not my first NYX round lippie, but finally this is the first one that I have been using for a longer time than the others that I've tried. Please excuse the photo actual application does seem a bit weird, though it was taken with natural lighting. Another thing I liked about it, it somewhat makes the skin look bright, thus the effect of the last photo I guess. In person, its almost like my natural lip color, and more even. I don't know but I couldn't seem to like NYX lipsticks with shimmer finish. It might just be me but outcome of color pay-off and texture are not the same. I may also be just too picky. 

Anyways, I bought this from pretty Ms Kaz of  Krozer Online who's based in Cebu City Philippines, and who is also selling her NYX lipsticks and other make-up for wholesale prices. So you might want to check her site         Krozer Fashion Shop  before it runs out! 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!