Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort

I'm lucky to be one of the few people to see Dakong Bato transform into the beautiful resort that it is now. About 4 years ago, we just called this place Mr. Wong's resthouse. We used to spend summer outing, Christmas party, and team-building activities there while the resort's development was still on the works. Even then we already loved the place.

A glimpse of the over-looking view from the restaurant in the resort

The infinity pool and cottages

A different view of the pool and the crystal clear sea water

Emely enjoying the infinity pool

Karaoke and activity area near the infinity pool

Another pool with a slide

Our delicious lunch after a tree planting activity. The banana leaves made it extra special. This was bought outside by the way.

A random tiny flower

Top view of the infinity pool

Sea water enclosure in between the two pools

Sea water enclosure showing the sea wall

Enjoying the view

So Dakong Bato in English means "big rock". The resort is built in a rocky cliff overlooking the sea. It is located in Coro, Dalaguete Cebu which is about 4 hours ride south of Cebu City.  What I like most about the place is the serenity and privacy, beautiful sunrise, and the cool clear sea water perfect for snorkeling . This may not be the place though for those who would expect of a white sand beach. I still  do enjoy the sea most here especially now with the sea water enclosure. As for the fees, it may be a little heavy for some but the place is still worth checking out. For more information about the resort visit their site, Dakong Bato .



  1. yes, i super agree. it's more beautiful now. can't wait to go back!

  2. Naku parang gusto ko dyan, lalagay ko sa list ng puntahan namin yan next year. THanks sis.

  3. i've been there last may, it was a fabulous vacation w/ a heartwarming staff, breathtaking views and the foods...we love really love it!