Friday, October 21, 2011

Swatch: Nyx Round Lipstick in B52

actual color is almost the same here

Bare lips

With NYX B52 Round lipstick

The Good: Smooth application, creamy, no shimmers, color compliments well with any skin tone

The Not-So-Good: Doesn't last long, can get too soft with the Philippine weather 

This is not my first NYX round lippie, but finally this is the first one that I have been using for a longer time than the others that I've tried. Please excuse the photo actual application does seem a bit weird, though it was taken with natural lighting. Another thing I liked about it, it somewhat makes the skin look bright, thus the effect of the last photo I guess. In person, its almost like my natural lip color, and more even. I don't know but I couldn't seem to like NYX lipsticks with shimmer finish. It might just be me but outcome of color pay-off and texture are not the same. I may also be just too picky. 

Anyways, I bought this from pretty Ms Kaz of  Krozer Online who's based in Cebu City Philippines, and who is also selling her NYX lipsticks and other make-up for wholesale prices. So you might want to check her site         Krozer Fashion Shop  before it runs out! 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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