Saturday, May 14, 2016

fotoBlog+Travels: Snoopy's World HK and more

A long overdue collection of photos from last years Hong Kong Visit. It's always about work but thankfully this time, we were able to squeeze in some side trip to the accessible touristy places. Too bad I didn't have my camera when we went to the Hello Kitty Restaurant. Here are some of what to see at Snoopy's World or Snoopyland, a small theme park for the Peanuts lovers. It is located at New Town Plaza Mall in Sha Tin Area.  

 Spot the odd one out. ;)

 And walked around the avenue of the stars area, my first time to roam around the place after 2 visits in HK.

  Nice idea.

 Loved seeing the HK buses again. 

 And a little food trip at The Spaghetti House in Wan Chai.



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