Saturday, July 23, 2011

Organiga Story Revitalizing Hand Cream

So I fancy most things in green and there's this rack at Watson's with not just all green packaging and in green apple but also on  Buy 1 Take 1. What better way to grab that opportunity when I was running out of my favorite Bath and Body lotion.  I got myself the Revitalizing Hand Cream, but the Organiga Story rack also has body butters, body wash, and Eye cream too I think. It comes with an attractive apple green packaging, and luscious enough as it claims to be made with certified organic green apple from France. It also enriched with Natural Rice Bran Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Macadamia Oil and Organic Green Apple which has antioxidant properties.


I tried to look for other green apple scents but there's only one to always go back to and it's from Bench, and its not even a lotion, so I'm glad to add this to my favorites!  It's light, non-greasy and gives that instant moisture lift to my dry hands. It gives that smooth feel, just right for a quick hand massage too. I have one at home and the other one in the office. It is just a perfect way of treating my hands after a hard days work.

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