Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Finally got this baby after quite some time. Etude House SM Cebu is always out of stock, lucky enough there's one last piece left when I stopped by.

So I am still quiet a newbie when it comes to make-up. One thing too, if its not that necessary I usually let the temptation of wanting to buy a product die down. Unless it won't make me sleep for a few days. (haha!) So I have only started learning more about make-up about almost 2 years ago. My nature of work doesn't require me to but it feels good to know about this things and being able to get it done the right way. And when I was in high school,  I can remember dolling up with my mom's make-up before I take bath during weekends, especially when she's not around.

So back to the Proof 10 Eye Primer. It is a light beige cream that goes with a sponge tip applicator. Just a little swipe on the lids and a finger can do the rest of the spreading. It has a very light smell, not a pleasant scent but it can actually go unnoticed. I even thought its unscented until I checked.  I finally got the before and after photos ready, yay to my new camera and here they go...

1:00 pm; newly applied eye shadow primed with Etude House Proof 10

9:00 pm ; after 8 hours of application

I swear on how awfully oily my eyelids can get. Usually after two hours without primer, my eye shadows are almost wiped out, looking all greasy and messed up. Thanks also to my beautiful hooded eyelids. But with Proof 10 Eye Primer, the eye shadows can stay on the whole day. Though it looked a little creased and oily in the photo, its just nothing like that without the primer. I have heard of the UDPP but it's way too expensive. At Etude House, it is only Php 298 ($7). This is the first Eye Primer I've tried and I am just too happy how good it works for me. It really saved me from the frustration on how to let my eye shadows stay longer.



  1. Hello MsDani.

    Hmm... this brand doesn't exist here in Sweden, I think. It looks good on you though. I will try and look for this product when in the Philippines. Thanks for the tip!

    At 32, I'm still a newbie when it comes to applying make-up. I have a few collection of makeup items but I rarely use them. Most of the time, powder's enough for me. I always blame it on my laziness.

    Good for you. At least, you've started learning. You're doing a good job though.

    You take care. Hugs!

    MaxiVelasco of

  2. Hi Ms Maxi!

    Thanks for dropping by. Applying make-up will really just depend on a person's interest. Etude House is a korean brand is new in Cebu. They do have a lot of make-up and skin care line which are inexpensive.

    Take care!


  3. i have wanted to try this forever! this seems amazing-your eyeshadow didn't budge at all! going to find it! :)

  4. Cool review and pictures. Maybe you could just add the price of the primer?
    We don't have this brand where I live, but my eyelids are similar to yours (oily and hooded) and I always use a primer. If you're looking for an inexpensive but still well functioning primer, I recommend you buy one from E.L.F. if they ship to where you live. UDPP is also really good, but it's pricey and it comes in a really stupid packaging because of which you waste a lot of product.
    My personal HG is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Also pricey, but you don't waste any of the product, it lasts a long while and it works wonders.

    PS: Thank you for being my first follower ;)

  5. Hi MsDani. I saw you on my GFC Friends. Thanks for following. I followed back.

    Anyway, I have this and I love it too! =))

  6. @Leigh - thanks for the visit!
    @Folly - I forgot to put the price, its Php298 btw or about $7. I might try E.L.F. too, thanks for the recommendation.
    @Jackie - you're welcome!