Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plant A Seedling Today

It's good to be back! I know I was missing for nine months and a lot of things have happened but did not really had much reason to update the site. It was only recently that I noticed the number of page views and it motivated me a bit to come back. Thanks to all the visitors who found their way into my blog.

So what can I do? I'll probably just toss around any random topic, for sure it will not be in order and will depend on the availability of the photos. Well, I am not sure if I have a green thumb but joining a tree-planting activity doesn't require to have one.

Location: Ga-as Balamban, Cebu  11 '10

It was steep and slippery, but it was such a great experience, my first tree-planting activity actually. After having survived and met the goal in that challenging location was definitely fulfilling. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery at the same time . A lot of companies have come up of activities like this. Have you been to one? How was the experience?


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