Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the love of Chartreuse

Since I can remember, I would always refer to green as my top favorite color. Not only do I find it pleasing to my eyes, but there is something personal about it to me.  It reminds me of my childhood, I was drawn to choosing green headbands, bags, and other accessories rather than any other color. Even now, though not all the time and not in all things, green has remained on that top spot.

Inspired by this, I decided to give a new name and look to this blog. But my type of green is not just any green, and I'm glad that sometime ago I found that perfect name and hue that has been cheering me up all these years. Yes, its chartreuse,  the web color that also comes with variations such as green-yellow, yellow-green, apple green, yellow chartreuse and a few more. 

So here I gathered, my favorite chartreuse products, green apples, lovely little green mums and outfit to come up with the new look. Photos of me are courtesy of Emely and her Canon 600D, while the rest is from my Olly. 



ps: I don't know what's wrong with some photos that I post that go grainy even if they are of big size. Still trying to figure this out. Or if you do have tips on how to improve this, please do let me know. Thanks a bunch!


  1. new camera, new look. i love chartreuse. congrats on the blog overhaul.i love it dani. :)

    btw, can i have that red fringe sandals? haha

  2. haha! Thanks manang! mutan-aw diay intawn ka diri? I'm flattered. hehe

    Ang fringe sandals courtesy of Emely.