Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Decade's Solace

Gone were the carefree years of a student life. Well I was carefree enough to just worry on how to manage my allowance, time, doing well and finish school. I can never consider myself great at one thing. Maybe it was because I never felt I had the support that I need, but I secretly loved photography and writing. Photo journalism was something that my parents didn't approve of because of the expenses, so I tried editorial, feature and sports writing instead. It was on my senior high school year and I was able to go to three different places to compete including the Nationals. I didn't bring home a trophy for the last round but the experience was more than an award for me.

I've been thinking lately, why have I put those skills aside? I wasn't that good but it was something that brought me somewhere. After 10 years, can I pick up my pen and thinking cap again? I can actually smell some rust here! Haha! Pardon me but a decade of rest may take some time to be awakened. I will be working on making this creative side work again somehow. Writing has been one of the greatest outlet for expressing myself. As for the photography, struggling to be creative with a point-and shoot, but it can surely wait. 

I would like to welcome everyone to my maiden blog post. Thank you for taking the time in reaching this far. As a probinsyana turned Pharmacist/Researcher, I am only a person with simple words. I am not well-versed, nor an expert in one thing or another. It'll be just an average person's take on almost anything there is worth talking about. I hope to share anything essential and give my honest opinions or ideas about everything there is under the sun.

Have a great day always!


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