Thursday, October 28, 2010

Johnson's Baby Milk Bath

For many years, if there is one skin care product that I kept coming back at the supermarket or department store shelf, it is the Johnson's Baby Milk Bath.

Who said it is only for babies? Most bar soaps doesn't give me the nourishing and pampering treat this milk bath can offer. The scent may not be as exciting, which is something I find rather better especially for delicate skin.

I like how it makes skin smooth, soft, moisturized and I don't feel the need to apply lotion after bath on regular lazy days. (its always better to apply lotion with high SPF when prolonged sun exposure is expected)
It's lactic acid content not only acts as a natural moisturizer, skin exfoliant, but also has antibacterial properties.  It's absolutely more than just a nourishing bath experience.


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  1. Super love this milk bath! Btw, I use it as my feminine wash. It's so mild and it smells so good. :)