Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life: Another Year Down

Nothing can get any sweeter than the pre-birthday treats showered on me this year. Since it falls on a weekend, i got them early and another one came up as a surprise on my table today. Too lovely to open but I was excited because I think I knew what it is, and I guessed right!

Three special things from lovely friends made my coming birthday complete! Porcelain chopsticks, addition to my collection. One of my favorite cat characters, animob. Before these pouches hit the local stores I was already able to purchase one from an online seller. I find the design simple and adorable. And a pretty green notebook, someone knew I am eyeing those for a personal project. Can't thank them enough!

A week ago, though it was originally for a newlywed couple who was a former officemate, (and wasn't able to make it) our dearest dred was up for a fun shoot with the other girls. She is just so passionate about styling and photography. We had a great time and even though I am not really confident on stuff like that, the result came out great! I am only assuming its a pre-birthday thing for me, but she did a wonderful job!

It has been a great year with blessings high and low. That is somehow what life is all about. Everything is just good to be thankful for. Though the coming of age may be a little bit apalling, there may be ways to embrace it gracefully. There is one special person that I have to visit on my special day. I dreamt of him last night, maybe its his way of greeting me since he won't be able to anymore. Excited for tomorrow!

Thank you to all the lovely ladies and gents who has come their way to my blog. I appreciate it so much!
Have a great halloween weekend everyone!


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  1. I like the photos. Nice! and the pouch also. Ang cute ng pusa.