Monday, August 1, 2011

Current Favorites: Body Bath Essentials

 Olay Total Effects Ultra Nourishing Shower Cream

 Dove Go Fresh Energizing Body Wash

 Johnson's Naturally White Daily Moisturizing Wash

These are my current body bath favorites. I love Olay's creamy texture and moisture-packed after-bath feel, great for those lazy days and I just want to indulge with its rich lather. I can't get enough of this Dove's invigorating scent especially on sleepy and humid mornings. Johnson's on the other hand is perfect for that relaxing before bedtime routine...


  1. Oh my! what a coincidence!, I love both Dove Go Fresh Energizing Body Wash which I use in the morning and Johnson's Naturally White Daily Moisturizing Wash at night... it's he perfect combo!

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  3. @Hollie, a great combo indeed!

    @lovejoice, followed you.

    Thanks for dropping ladies, really appreciate it...

  4. Have you tried Dove Velvet either the body wash or soap? Because it's the best scent ever from Dove. It's one super silky and slippery susbtance. The scent is knockout. You can get it only in the U.S. though. =)

  5. Hi Itin, haven't tried that yet. Who knows I might see one of those and would definitely grab one. Thanks!