Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swatch: Nyx Round Lipgloss in Doll Pink

Bare Lips

With NYX Round Lipgloss in Doll Pink

The Good: Lightweight, non-sticky, pretty color, affordable, no allergy for me

The Not-So-Good: Doesn't last long, not the most likable scent 

So I am the practical buyer and knowing that cosmetics does have limited shelf-life and I am prone to lip allergies, I purchase lip products one at a time. I enjoyed wearing this color though but may try other colors from Nyx Round Lipglosses if I decide to get a new one.

*Swatch posts will have a bit of a review of what I think is good and not so good of the product. But I just can't name it a 'review', basically because it's not in depth and I'm too lazy to make one. :)

Thanks for dropping everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. i love the color of this lip gloss!

  2. Following you, thank you for the follow! xx Joice

  3. that's a pretty color and I love how shiny it is. =))

  4. love the colour!
    neat post... wanna follow each other!

  5. Wow does it have glitters? :D

  6. Hi Geli! It does seem to shimmer on the photo but it doesn't have any glitter in it.