Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Body Cream

This may not be very new but I love the recent sweet pea product line design that the Bath and Works are sporting. I remember Bath and Body Work's Sweet Pea Cologne as the first BBW I had that a friend gave me. This time is another gift, BBW Triple Moisture Body Cream in Sweet Pea. Adoring the  vibrant color of the packaging. 

This triple moisture cream comes in thick formula.

It certainly boosts the skin with extreme moisture without the sticky and heavy feel. 

There's one more! Anti-bacterial hand soap has never been this moisturizing, sweet-smelling and nice-looking!


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  3. I like it when a moisturizer doesn't have that sticky, greasy after feel. I like the colors of the packaging, very appealing.

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  4. ooooo... i have this too actuallly, i love it!

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  6. Oh my gulay! My most favorite scent of all in Bath and Body! I love the anti-bacterial spray in that scent. :)