Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dove Hair Care

If it weren't because of the massive promotions and sample distribution during the launch of the Dove Hair Care products this year, I wouldn't be able to try and eventually buy full sized bottles of the products. I usually just stick to my usual hair care products. 

Trying something new would mean a risk in having dandruff.  I've experimented through the years and it helped me to stay away from the brands that would cause irritation and eventually dandruff.

I was so amazed on how unbelievably soft my hair was when I used the samples. I had a few that lasted me for a couple of days. I had to go back to my usual products at that time and it took me a week or so to finally get the full sized bottles.

BUT, honestly it was a disappointment. The softness and smoothness is not comparable to  the samples I tried especially with the conditioner. It's not really bad since I didn't have any irritation in the long run but I can really tell the difference. 
This is just based on my own experience and observation. Though Dove is a great brand, I'd still use their shampoo but I had to go back to my usual conditioner brand.


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