Saturday, February 11, 2012

Betty Crocker's Creamy Vanilla

So it sounded familiar and yummy but no, its not edible. Betty Crocker's recipes and ready mix desserts are absolutely delish, but here's something tempting for the olfactory nerves instead.

I actually thought I would not find an affordable scented candle that I can truly enjoy. Most scented candles smell good when sniffed at the store. But come the actual part of hoping to indulge in its aroma, turns out it's just like any ordinary candle. Or its just me...

This deliciously sweeet smelling one was Php60 at Metro Supermarket. I thought I might give one fancy looking scented candle, another chance...

At first I was a bit disappointed. The scent was only obvious when I smell it from the candle itself. Well, what more can I do but continue to light it up during those weary nights.

Surprisingly after a couple of days, I can finally smell the delightful vanille aroma inside my tiny room. I find the scent refreshingly sweet and relaxing at the same time. Somehow its just in there waiting to be ignited, bringing out its essence. After almost 4 months now though I don't light it everyday, its about to hit the glass. Definitely going to buy another one soon. It comes with a lot of fruity scents but it was the vanilla that I really liked. I might be trying out another gourmet style scented candle from the same brand. I spotted another amazingly nice smelling one with Coconut at Parkmall sometime ago. I just hope its still there when I have the chance to go back..

It's been a tough and scary week but thankful to have made it. God is still in control. 
Hope everyone have a safe and blessed weekend.


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