Monday, February 13, 2012

Isla Romantica

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I stumbled upon some pictures of Isla Romantica. Well, it's a really small man made island in Cordova, Cebu which has been our getaway place whenever we have the chance to visit the said town.

Isla Romantica looking so tiny from the shore

It must be just a couple of meters away from the shore and the only way to get into the island is through a manually paddled banca by the owner of the isla himself Manong Ben. Or sometimes one of his sons. Riding the banca to and fro, Php20 fare

There used to be a hut in there but during our last visit, it went down due to a typhoon.

The great thing about the place is the white sand, cool and clear water.   

We just went there to take a dip. 

And if you're lucky and nobody else is there, you can have the island all by yourself.  Romantic isn't it? Especially for lovebirds who want a quiet place away from the chaos of the city. Basically, that's what the island's name suggests.

For picnics, tables are available for rent at Php100 each

Imagine creating this place, the rocks, the sand in the middle of the sea. That's a fruit of  pure hard labor.

Manong Ben's banca

And there's Manong Ben

For anyone who would want to check out the place, its in Brgy Gabi Cordova Cebu. It's one Vhire ride from SM City Cebu to town center. Most of the residents or  sikad drivers are familiar with the place. You can also comment or email me if you're really interested to go there. 

No matter what kind of situation you are in, just make the day memorable and fun!
Happy Heart's Day!



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    1. Hi miss Dani! i love ur blog. So informative. but i wud like to ask f ur going to rent the whole island? thank you.

    2. You can only rent one table and pay the banka ride and other visitors can also occupy the other tables in the island. But i think they will also allow to let you exclusively use the whole island all to your self if you request. Not sure if this number still works but try to contact Lito through: 0918-208-7159. Or go directly to Cordova proper and ask for the residents to guide to Isla Romantica and look for Tatay Ben.

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  5. Can't believe how much I miss camiguin island when i saw your photo's here. very nice post... take care