Sunday, November 6, 2011

The New Metro Gourmet

I usually buy groceries at Metro Supermarket in Ayala Center Cebu, and since I noticed that there's a gourmet shop in the works at the spot where the Pharmacy was previously located, I was thrilled! So we didn't let another chance pass by when I saw that the place has finally opened.

Frankfurter with rice Php 80

Carbonara Php 185

Chicken sandwich Php 85

The verdict? So much for the thrill, cozy set-up, accomodating staff but I was dissappointed with the food. The carbonara was bland and not even creamy. the sandwich was boring.
I had a little of the sausage, it was okay. Php 185 for that much and that taste of a Carbonara? Not worth it. 
Pizza hut's version is a lot better for Php 100 that already comes with drinks and appetizer. And I would still go back having the sandwiches from Suisse Cottage.
Well that was just my palate, and it was nice to give it a try. There are a lot of other stuff that I still might be trying out there, some other time...



  1. Ang sasarap naman nyan and i wanna try that next year pagpunta ko dyan!

  2. Thanks for dropping sis! Sana mag-enjoy ka pagpunta mo dito soon...