Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Peek: Good Day Mocaccino

I've only learned to love coffee a few years ago. I don't know what happened to the awful palpitations I used to experience with just a few sips. Since then that it adds life to my day without the side effects, coffee became an essential part of my mornings.

Sometimes, the usual original taste and aroma just bores the senses so I go for different flavors and it has to be 3 in 1. Good day isn't a new discovery but they don't always have all the variants. Aside from Mocaccino, another favorite is the Carrebian Nut, and it also has the Original, Vanilla Latte, Chococinno, and Coolin' variants.

 I noticed that the other brands have been adding artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (APM) aside from sugar. There has been some controversies regarding the long term consumption of this food additive. APM is artificial no question to that, so personally its better to stay away from it while possible. And its good that Good Day doesn't contain artificial sweeteners.

Coffee is a good morning starter but a cup or 2 is all it takes for me to get through the whole day. With all the claims of beneficial effects of coffee, moderation is still and will always be the key.



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