Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Travel: Expo 2010 Shanghai 3/3

Another expo that we had to explore is the World Expo happening still in Shanghai. They are hosting this International Exhibition from April 30 - October 31, 2010, in a 5.28 sq. km area. One wasn't enough to see all the sights and all pavilions of so many participating countries but we had a great time. Whoever wants to know more about it may check this site:

160 Yuan for a day's tour. Not bad after 2 hours waiting till the gates open!

Israel Pavilion

UAE Pavilion

Korea Pavilion

Dubai Pavilion

Philippines Pavilion showcasing talent performances

China Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

USA Pavilion

Spain Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion

Serbia Pavilion

UK Pavilion

Poland Pavilion

Belarus Pavilion

Inside the joint Africa Pavilion

These aren't even half of the whole area covering the expo, its huge and they said someone has to be there for 7 days in order to see all the Pavilions inside and outside. A lot of people are on queue to get into pavilions and we only got into very few. It was a cloudy day as most photos may suggest, good enough it didn't rain and not that much sunshine too. It was a wonderful experience and the expo isn't over yet, so anyone can still go check the beauty and wonders of Shanghai. Hope you enjoyed my posts!


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