Monday, September 6, 2010

Black Charcoal Chin Pack by Etude House

It Says
Black Charcoal Chin Pack is formulated with black charcoal additives to remove oil and pore deep sebum. Patch lightens pores and contains Aloe Vera to improve skin complexion.

Active Ingredient: Charcoal Powder 0.1%

Directions: Wet chin with water. Remove clear film from pack and fasten adhesive side to chin for 10-15 minutes. Remove strip when dry.

My Personal Take:

Packaging: So I found the design so cute that I had to try one just out of curiosity. Ive tried pore strips before but never heard of a chin pack. Particularly for this one, its the patch that matters not the pouch.

Scent: No trace of anything on the patch.

Feature/Application: It took me 10 minutes with the adhesive on. I already knew the strip is dry since it felt tight on the skin. Some adhesive with charcoal debris are left on my chin upon removal of the strip. But it was easily removed by cotton moistened with water. I used it after taking a bath and my chin isn't as oily as my nose so there is not much difference aside from the feeling (or thought) that my chin felt a little softer.

Availability: Php 38 ($0.85) per pack at Etude House

Value for Money: ♥♥♥

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥

Unless really needed for a problematic chin area perhaps, this product is worth investing on more than just one pack. It was very affordable and I had fun trying it but one strip is already enough.

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