Thursday, September 16, 2010

Revisiting Marian Monk's Monastery

It's been like more than 10 years ago when I first set foot at the place where it all started as a small chapel. It's been about 5 years since I last visited the then Church accomodating more people, pilgrims who flock in the vicinity every 13th of the month. And resently, lo and behold a magnificent castle in the making.

I may not be able to show photos of the transformation but those who were able to go there and explored the memorabilias have seen what the place was like a decade ago. It was good to reminisce the place's humble beginnings, when all seemed surreal seeing its magnificence now right before my eyes.

The monastery's history isn't something that I am going to share about. Miracles do happen, and it comes in so many ways. I believe, I have faith, and respects all things for the purpose of their existence. Same thing with understanding the reasons behind every circumstance, meant or by accident. It was through this Monastery  that many people was given a new perspective, and it is worth reflecting upon that it is an instrument of the Higher Being reaching out.

The Monastery now is a testament to the people's gratitude. Individuals from all walks of life share a part of what they have, of what they have earned. It never transformed on its own. It is a reflection of the people who was given hope, who was healed, who had another chance at life and so on. Yes, it was through prayer, but the realization of what seemed to be just a dream came with not just the labor of the hands but also of the heart and soul. Everyone deserves a retreat to see and experience a place of miracles, and bring that lessons of miracles with us wherever we go.

*Marian Monk's Monastery
Lindogon Sibonga, Cebu
August 2010


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