Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can Paper Flowers Charm Someones Heart?

You may doubt it alright. Paper means its fake. Who would want to receive a fake flower nowadays? I'm not speaking for myself but most would consider it more romantic if it's pretty and valuable. So what do you think of these flower bouquets? 

Yes they're paper and I am actually serious for you to tell me about it. For over a year now, R2S Origami has been occasionally making these buoquets to dear gentlemen and ladies as gifts to special people in their lives. Well I guess they find them pretty then. Yours truly is one of the members of R2S and I am happy to say that we've served for over 50 requests since June of last year. Not bad for a part-time stint. It only started as a gift idea by our dear miss R and from then on 2 others have teamed up to test the online market and through word of mouth for these paper flowers.

How are these made? Trade secret! Well, it was learned of course, and with the help ingenuity, creativity and lots of hard work. While many fresh flowers come from a single plant, watered, fertilized, cared and picked when it blooms, each paper flower is measured, cut, folded, formed, taped and perfumed, same thing with the leaves and stem. A fresh flower may last for a week, but for the paper flower? Only the bearer will know how long it will last. Each buoquet comes with a different story as to how the client wants its flowers and colors would be like, even requesting for a kind of paper we have to hunt for days just to satisfy what he wants. One buoquet was ordered from someone in the US and was sent to Pagadian City. Another has to travel to Singapore as a special birthday present for a girlfriend. A bunch was also made for a wedding, and that was such a challenge. And for some, we have made more than just one order and it means a lot.

So we will never know who gets charmed or who doesn't right? Beauty still depends on whose eye is looking and whose heart can see.

Kindly check the sites below for more photos and info:
R2S Origami Creations Facebook Page


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