Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Movie Rave: Salt (2010)

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Main Characters:   Evelyn Salt         - Angelina Jolie
                             Ted Winter        -Liev Schreiber

Director:                Phillip Noyce

Genre:                   Action, Thriller

Okay so I am not that updated with the latest  flicks but I had this rambling a month ago and was simply overlooked as a draft. Without any inkling as to what the flow of the movie might be, aside from a brief trailer, watching Salt has been enjoyable to say the least. Angelina Jolie definitely still has what it takes to beat goons to the ground. Breathtaking stunts appeared to have been effortlessly made. It should also be worth the mention her about five different looks in this movie. The twists and turns of the story is remarkable though a bit predictable. It then comes down to the tale of loyalty to accomplish a life-long goal, while having the choice to do what is right. But the ending suggests for something to look forward to, its not suppose to end just like that. I just hope so...


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