Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Dalfour, Beauty Girl, Others Declared Unsafe by FDA

It's only noteworthy to share an information recently posted on the FDA(Phils) website, identifying the following products, unsafe, injurious or dangerous:

*St. Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream

*Beauty Girl Papaya and Hawthorn Essence Cream

*Beauty Girl Ginseng and Green Cucumber Cream

*Beauty Girl Essence Aloe Pearl Cream

*Beauty Girl Olive and Sheep Essence Cream

Through laboratory testing, these products have been found to contain more than the allowable limits of Mercury. I have heard of St. Dalfour Cream though I never tried it, I know there were a lot who seemed to be using this particular whitening product. FDA did not provide photos of the actual samples they tested but it is good to be safe than sorry. For the complete info and other previously listed harmful products, kindly refer to the links below:

Issued August 2010
Issued June 2010
Issued February 2010
Issued January 2010

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